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Beautiful Women Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 4, 2016, 5:18 PM
Spring harmony by LucreciaMortishia
Dreaming Sirens by gestiefeltekatzeLisa by aufzehengehen
Far From Home by la-esmeraldaflower by MartaSyrko
Helen of Troy by arrive89Forest beauty. by Verrett
no caption- Fire Emblem Conquest (0) by kazeplay
To this forgotten place. by girltrippedSecret II by Swan-LakeMermaid I by Swan-Lakegaia 2 by M0THart
Emeralds and Fire by Jesse-GourgeonGoddess by ValentinaKalliasCold lady by Jesse-GourgeonAbsinthe Fairy by la-esmeralda
Sunny by NateKaranlit1000 Cranes by SabrinaCichyUntitled by caitlinbellahFreckles by RadoslawSass
Ethereal Glow by Queen-KittySo sentiment by Snowfall-lullabyHelen of Troy by Queen-Kitty
Like a Breeze by Queen-KittySelf portrait by Whimsical-DreamsFairy 08 by Fuchsfee-Stock
Joanna by RadoslawSassEverdream by Mahafsoun
Elusive by Jesse-GourgeonMemories of summer by Malleni-Art
S U M M E R Q U E E N by Krisseysolstice by vampire-zombie
Untitled by huhahohiWiebke by Dapicture
Moon dream by AvineDark Spring by Luria-XXII
Aleksandra by all17Autumn Elven Lady by LucreciaMortishiayou know how it feels by Valioza
Dark Horns by GothicNarcissus
Elf and owlet (2) by Swan-LakeSoren I by Swan-Lake
S* by blumileinmemories about being a butterfly by M0THart
** The Eremit ** by NelaVolturia
Rule-Time-Notion by duongquocdinh

Skin by alealara
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Forum Feature

Wed Mar 23, 2016, 11:00 AM

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Mirage (Stranger Ways) by SonikGrooveThe Hand That Takes by SonikGroovehoguera  by HeartlessJU Street by VusiuzColored Laterns by Vusiuz
An old telephone by MaleivaHaving my own party by Minakons
Brought to Life by NoCompletionHeather by RadoslawSass
Illumination by SonikGrooveDays Hence by SonikGroove
GLOW Eindhoven Cupola by BonnzaiSnowy Owl 1 by SonOfGrainWinterlichter 11 or Island of Colors by SonOfGrain
capsized by vi0letdreamerAs time goes By by DPasschierthe shadow in the woods by CapnDeek37395 - 13/07/2014 by Evil-Fairy-Kitten3 - 11/05/2014 by Evil-Fairy-Kitten
The dead sleep, row on row by TheBrassGlassHazel by Emerald-DepthsFire, walk with me by TheBrassGlass
Leave Me Be by Emerald-Depths
Waking from a Dream by DayanaGerberRest Stop by BuddyliciousPark by AnnieSwigart
Surprises Hidden Along the Way by barananduenPencils2 by SchluntzSprouting Luck by barananduen
Little Worlds by TearsofTurquoiseLava Colors by barananduenMeanwhile, In New Mexico by Buddylicious
Busch Gardens 4 by AnnieSwigartA Bug's View by TearsofTurquoiseHeaded Out to Sea by FreeingMyAngelWings
Oh Hail No! by Buddylicious
most everyone's mad here by vi0letdreamerShining River by Obelis
sweet perfection by vi0letdreamerEscalator by deepgrounduk
Pricked by DayanaGerber
in the water by sarahhitein the cactus garden by sarahhiteWatching by SchluntzRise Up by Kinola14
in the faerie garden by sarahhite

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Whimsical Feature

Thu Dec 17, 2015, 10:23 AM

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459 by EirikHavre
Heidelberger Geschichte by bulavina
Dark Side by WillTC
Beloved by LucreciaMortishiaEarly November by tvurkRhiannon by DarkVenusPersephonaeGot'ya by ahermin
Willowtree by Mary-Chan23Dark passage by kriskelerisAutumn Impression 2 by bluesgrassExotic Koi by DavidGrieninger
Le Roi Sauvage by Sylfvr
Hey Olaf by vularia1075 by Nigrita
Coming Back by JustinDeRosaBreaking Waves by JacquelineBarklaA Walk And A Talk by Northstar76
Meadow Flight by GJ-Vernongreen feelings by kriakaoChampis... by Ikonokl4st
Black seasons by bwitiBlack seasons by bwitiIn A Line by DevchonkaLuckyFire in the Night by Callsign-ShutterCollier de perles by SylveryFox
Lost In A Forest by IskaeldtDivertion by Hermetic-Wings
Dreamy by dn1w3rVernal Awakening by NicolasAlexanderOtto
Wave Breaking by bismad

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Autumn Feature

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 12:11 PM

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Autumn walk 3 by Csipesz
Autumn's not so sad #16 by SylveryFoxThe golden canyon by matthieu-parmentierAutumn dress by Fra-EmerAutumn in the beech grove by freMDart
Light at the End by thrumyeyeIt's Magic by WeissglutAbyss by MartinAmmA Winter's Tale by Zaralith
The fallen ones.. by bordaa little autumn moment by Rona-KellerGold by porbitalGrand Silence by meZartfoto
Autumn Alight by JaclynTanemura
Forest of linden III by LillianEvillFull Fall Glory by StephGablerMy youth dreams, tangled between old trees by iNeedChemicalXSeptember 26th by FramedByNature
Enter Mirkwood by erynlasgalenphotoartMorning Magic by KatharinaKueblerForest in Fall by Cormocodran15A Fairy Tale Ending by Chopen
Happy Trail by frozenDAXForest Stalker by artmusiccw
1874 by ashkylerOctoberforest by m-eralpOn a sunny autumn afternoon by irgendeine
lonely autumn by baravavrovaFire Labirynt by A2Matos1859 by ashkylerBroken with Flowers by Yiroko
forest by strcplp3Aloft by LilacLoreleiWaiting to Fall by ildiko-neerThe colors of Autumn - Part III by myINQIGolden by LinkyQ
Fairy-tale by myINQIYellow Trees Part VII by myINQIChalice of the Gods - Remake by myINQI
Autumn Poetry by MarcoHeislerPath of Dreams by erynlasgalenphotoartPumpkin Head by LiveArtBreatheArt
Invitation to dance by erynlasgalenphotoartGOLDEN GLOW by MartinAmmAutumn Destination by Thinking-SilenceWald #63 by HeikoGerlicher
Autumn Creek by realityDreamA few days ago by LewiARTsHELLO by augenweideLemon and Lime by TheSleepyRabbit
long path by dn1w3rGrist Mill by porbitalAutumn by KarolaxdYellow on Red. by marc-brunoSous Bois by hubert61
Forest Lights by Thinking-Silence

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I know its been awhile, but... does anyone have instagram? :la:

Follow me if you like:
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I feel like there are pieces missing, like things have been stripped bare and exposed, or worse: half empty. Boy the pessimist in me feels like speaking tonight! It's not that I don't have confidence, although I may be somewhat lacking in that, I just have an excess of doubt. It surrounds me, consumes me and I have no way of escaping it... except by successfully trudging through and meeting my end goals. But even that is faulty, the question arises, what if I don't make it? Disappointment is something I'd like to avoid. It's unpleasant, as one might imagine. I have a million things I need to do and not a lot of time to do them. My mind feels sluggish, slow to follow and to grasp. I know I can get most of it done... but that one essay... do I even know what its talking about? My insights, the profundity and my ability to communicate it is just lacking for some reason.
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My Latest Series?

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 8:27 PM
Photographed at The University of Houston:
Time Capsule Monument, to be opened 2026.
The Monument by Identifyed-Khaos

The Statue of Four Lies: 
The Statue of Four Lies by Identifyed-Khaos

The First Lie, perhaps can be found, 
in choosing one of these extremes alone---
The Philosopher Versus The Engineer:
The Philosopher VS The Engineer by Identifyed-Khaos
he who questions, instead of, he who constructs.

One without the assistance and harmony of the other,
would it ultimately lead to failure, horror, or dissatisfaction? 

The Next Three Falsehoods: 
Three Falshoods by Identifyed-Khaos
The Inscription Reads:
"False in One
False in All
False in Nothing"

Believing in only yourself, is untrue: this rules out solipsism.
Believing in everything around you, rules out pure materialism.
Believing in nothing or nihilism, too, is a falsehood.
Because reality is ultimately a combination  of all these things.

Finally, the conclusion suggests:
The Conclusion by Identifyed-Khaos

"The World wants to be deceived,
therefore, let them be deceived."

What do you guys think all this means? 
Is there some truth to it, do you reckon?

I must admit, I'm utterly fascinated with the entire thing...
whether or not my assumptions and interpretations are correct,
the existence and the discovery of this particular monument/statues/Latin inscriptions
have completely inspired my artistic and philosophical need to create
and speak more than I ever have before...  But to what end, I wonder?

Hope you all are doing well, I'm trudging through my first month at my new school. Everything is hectic, chaotic, and I'm not really sure I can even remotely control the circumstances of my life enough to give it the direction it needs. This crushing weight of the immense responsibility of being an adult... Of having to make difficult choices and compromise loosely held ethical principles at every turn does cause me to become a tad bit pessimistic... But I resolve to go forth and fail, aiming to learn from my mistakes instead of being thrown backwards by them!

Sincerely, :iconidentifyed-khaos:

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Contrasting Feature

Fri Sep 12, 2014, 8:10 PM

. by Alshain4 Flower. by fly10

:bigthumb481862288: i believed all your lies. by megfinyte

.monday morning by absintheraven Forest Fog by KovaZag

voyageurs forest by BrianWolfe Home of the Wood Elves by erynlasgalenphotoart

As It Seems by shatter-the-silence Self.. by Anithka

Yellow Trees Part II by myINQI Bay, milky way and the shooting stars by NorbertKocsis

:bigthumb481767699: forest glow III by passingbird

132.365 Heartbreak by PiecesOfAnsley Snapper Point Colour IV by Glenn-Crouch

Energy by A2Matos Soothing the pain by NataliaDrepina

The Beginning of the End by merkero 209 by Aura-2

She Said Destroy by Mrs-White Dark Dominion by Eukendei

Bokeh Dream by michellis13 Dandelion by EleaLaFleur


Adrspassko-teplicke skaly II by myusernameistaken2 Formed History by FlowerOfTheForest

Love is everywhere by Lasiu7 Ivy Nemesis 03 by DavideDeDomenico

closed forever by klopmaster She wolf by idragonss

Fallen Rest by CherishKay Cranky Lion by robbobert

forest glow by passingbird gathering by passingbird

Artificial Rain by magic-spelldust Scream by mysteria-violent


One Day Simplicity by darkdex52 The Abbey Of St Mary Of Melrose,. 3 by Estruda
Alicja by Freyja90 Chesspiece by Taka67

One Last Horrah!

Wed Aug 13, 2014, 10:55 AM

Purely Enchanted Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 1:08 PM

May your days always be filled
with enchantment and beauty :heart:
Imaginarium by ssorbus Blue. by KatharinaKuebler
Silhouette. by fly10 Quiet by EliseEnchanted
Ahornboden 1 by batmantoo Leaves and Rust by Scarlettletters
The Alien Quarter by Recalibration Three Flowers by Justine1985
Winter Web by x-xSpitFirex-x The Cold Blue by Burtn
Aging Autumn by tvurk Rainbow Park by helios-spada
Wald #7 by HeikoGerlicher Gold'n'green by Miguel-Santos
There Is Always A Path by CaveCanem42 Green Creek Purl by Dapicture
Details from the garden II by SvitakovaEva Sommerwiese by TobiasAckermann
Son of the Forest by John-Peter the odyssey by henwen
July 14th by FramedByNature A Farewell To Summertime IV by Tigles1Artistry
Magic in the Forest by PiecesOfAnsley Dancing by solefield
Eva II by charleshildreth pamanah by styvop
The Immortal Connection II/III by xBassxHarmingx 362 by EirikHavre
Bibliophile by TheFoxAndTheRaven The Curious Fawn by VelvetRedBullet
:bigthumb469514343: The Layers by Recalibration
Spring Blossom by WillTC silence is golden by Luperkalia
Wald #21 by HeikoGerlicher Majestic River IR by Questavia
The Yellow Trail by Nelleke A World Apart by Unkopierbar
Wordless giant by Lumpy2 Autumn spirit by dominique-merot
prisoner by leelloor ...gospa od skrpjela I... by roblfc1892
Sands Of Time by tassanee Empty Paths by EbruSidar

I'd like to offer my apologies, for the last feature I did
As I was working out the kinks for this one,
I accidentally deleted the Darkness Feature
and will be working to redo it as soon as possible...

But in the meantime, it would really mean a lot to me
If you could go check out the folder and give em some love:…

Skin by alealara

Feeling a bit lost?

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 8, 2014, 12:42 AM
I don't have an excuse, I never have excuses. I have reasons for this and I know exactly what they are and I even know why I acted as I did. I just unraveled, the pressure and the nervousness and the stage fright.... I get it every time I need to speak, when words need to be spoken and I just can't say them. The same thing each time, I am tested upon and each time I fail... what makes this one any different, other than what I choose to do about it? And that adds another kind of burden, that of responsibility. Whatever my life becomes, is because of me. I wanted things to escalate, but instead I collapsed. Self-destructed, pushed people away, isolated myself as much as I could and now... I'm truly alone. The silence isn't unbearable, the waiting is. So much stasis,  not enough movement. I still wish to propel the future, to solidify that which I hold most dear. But how to do it when I am so racked with fear? Something that is well known to all that walk the left hand path, the possibility of surpassing all that you were and seizing all that you were meant to be.... and the other, less desired option: crumbling utterly, going insane, losing your grip on that ideal state of being you desired. I don't know which one I'll be. I suspect I'm pretty good with the latter, but I long for the former. I didn't do the ritual. And since then, my entire life has been, well, a huge mess. One that I don't know how to fix. It's as if someone is pulling the strings, the strings of my life and that someone isn't me. But, maybe there's an explanation for all this. Of course, it eludes me. 

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Just Want to Get Away...

Fri Jun 27, 2014, 10:27 AM

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purple and green forest by all17
evening in the fields by SvitakovaEvaLittle Sun Shade by GJ-Vernon
Blown by soft-trembleLost In Thought by Jedi-Dame
060614 by Adrienneknott
Red Giants by Dapicture157 by SoulofNovember
Watching You by BenHeineLittle duck by JuhaniViitanen
...:::... by Weissglut
Bliss by littlesuImmersion by Thinking-Silence
Just like star dust falling from the sky by Silk-shadow
blue butterflies by leelloorDreams Do Not Come True by beyondimpressionMystic World by Weissglut
Gator Creek by helios-spadaOverflow by JustinDeRosa
Glowing Olstind by FelixInden
When the morning ghosts are floating on the lake by jchandersWhere the Faeries Bathe. by Hertz18360Waterscape - x9 by Powercolour
Obscured by clouds (3) by DormirReverPeutEtreOn The Rocks by Questavia
... by craigbutikoferhand cycles 12 by ezorenier
Water on Mars by Cambion-ArtUnder the Bridge by UAG
Journey by chriswhite87The Descent by Recalibration
water in a cave II by chirkhef
One does not simply walk into Mordor by RecalibrationThor's Well by borda
A Place Beyond The End by borda

Living life vicariously through these lovely images, I really hope you all enjoy!! :heart:

Magic Feature X

Thu May 29, 2014, 2:16 PM

Dead Sea by lonewolf565Backwards by solefield
Bluebells by Pygar
Picnic Table by MisanthropicBastardDandelion's Splash by ShakilovNeelGracious Goose by Pretty-PlanetSomwhere, in dream's world by SomethingNotMatter
Lotus Fingers by TokenGinger
Sacred Pool by paulmpPeek a boo. by CocooueAround The World by Thinking-Silence
Violet Boletus by mladenigorMan-made waterfall by printsILike
Ficedula hypoleuca 2 by LordBurevestnik
Japanese Garden | Portland by alierturk
Happy Birthday Lucia by Tigles1Artistryspringmeadow by Lain-AwakeAtNight
The Same Window, Another Rainy Day by seek-and-hideMay 13th by FramedByNature
Shipwreck by xXBellcatXxHolding the light by zingruby
Hidden Garden by Egil21bufo bufo by LordBurevestnik
... by absentii
Fairy by Wan-MeiGrape by LucyIeech
Midnight search by xChristina27xDip Falls by Kyofuu
Eve by esire#Laying in the sun by Batschi96
:bulletpink: Magic Feature V:…
:bulletpink: Magic Feature VI:…
:bulletpink: Magic Feature VII:…
:bulletpink: Magic Feature VIII:…
:bulletpink: Magic Feature IX:…

I really hope you all enjoyed the series as this will be the final one,
So don't forget to favorite if you can! It's been a pleasure! :love:

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Flower Feature

Journal Entry: Mon May 26, 2014, 8:06 AM
summer harvest by nari-meTogether by rainylake
Music Box by ArchandSoulFlumsel by Ian-Maynard-Davis
Peace by DPasschierSunburst by tanikel
[I] The Flower of War by Timothi-EllimAfter The Rain by Pittfiend
Chinese Water Lily by ElfedwardGrowing More Beautiful with Age by jasonswint
Colors of sping by marleendekkerJump pixie... by Dark-Indigo
Periwinkle Beauty by Midnight--Comet
Flower Drop by UseR2006bloody Red by syintheticWarrigal by DPasschier
tropical by scarlette13Bee In Orange Blossoms by JZLobo
dramatic White by syintheticSummer Meadow by MariaDeinert
Cherry Blossoms by CocoaTheMonkeyA new morning. by Jules1983
Butterfly Kisses by Junk-Heart
Wild flowers by Marcain86white Beast by syinthetic
In Bloom by meghanfooYellow crocuses by TriinErg
Glimpse of Spring - v2 by speedy-painterContrasted Dandelion by gperkins10
little Blue by syinthetic181516 by HopelessLonging
Relaxing by Anelupink flowers by AkemiREmi
Singing Yellow Rose by MeadowDelightsBlue by xFenne
Passionate Bloom of Youth by nosugarjustangerFading by LittleDarklings
Friends or... by Lumdrop071 - Victreebel by Py3rr
Valmuene by IT-HammarNatsume Yuujinchou by fuwafuwanwan
Melancholy by artiste-reveurFlower Care by Yenni-VuFire and Rain by ToonicornIn the Garden by HaruShadows
Child of the Land by LyrithenCuban flower by Mengtastic
Dreaming of Venus by lucid-lightSeasons Change by staarpieceOrchid by DeeliaT
Queen III (2014) by elevonARTchanson de Andante by ThalassaNord

CSS : kiiasuki

Masculine Feature

Journal Entry: Tue May 20, 2014, 2:10 PM

like burning acid by dionn-ki dont need color by IBagusMg 9152 by pulbern
the river by michellis13Dark times by taruaPeter 3 by airsteve
Peter 5 by airstevePortrait 7 by BartekLauri
Roses are dead by KevinRossattylighter by schilles-photography
Empty in Between by LinaDominaThe Smoker by fae-photography
Test 4 by airsteveLiam by Kyofuu
man and a cat by MartaSyrkoimperfect harmony. by Sea-of-Ice
Trying To Forget by jarodkearneyshould i? by daydreamerpics
Immersed in his thoughts by FrancescaDelfinoLuminus by DENISBONFADavid II. by fogke
Jose Sospedra  2 by GABOGRAFICOJohannes by MirkoStoedter
Andrew by JacquelineBarklaAll I Need by dionn-k
Bathing in Paradise by bismad
Deception by EvelioBarionKafkas Orient Bazaar by xBassxHarmingx
Stevie by HueseyinYilmazbreak by arslanalp
man with tattoo by lesyakikh
Game by LaFilleSourirethe windsor knot by Sea-of-Ice
Never mind, I'll find someone like you by deadlychrisDevin by NicholeAlbright
Selfiiiii by AlexNagiPhotographyThe Violinist II by GretaTu

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Have a great day! :heart:

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Escape Somewhere Far Away...

Thu May 15, 2014, 2:45 PM

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Where the tree's sing II by FlabnBoneForgotten By You by JustinDeRosa
sunset with lavender by dinamofobRohan in the Blood by PatiMakowskaKeyhole Canyon by The-Deadly-WrathMemorable by IvanAndreevich
i wish to be this scarecrow to watch such view by ateist-klerantyA madman's dream by erynlasgalenphotoart
Karkonosze 44 by mjagielliczDunavski zalazak by Piroshki-Photography
Blurred Lines by dashakernDrama in the Sky by MtnMama
Mirror lake by Sun-SeekerSet Sun by andyhutchinson
Give me a title.....? by BetuwefotograafNorway 140 by lonelywolf2
Palsankoski by m-eralpNature Provides IV by Glenn-Crouch

The Table by SoffelineA storm is coming by Richard-Cederfjard
Vapours by LG77pilat#2 by aglaia89
Specchio by Francy-93From-where-we-started by paisajesmusicales
summertime by riskonelookBlufeld in the Sky by DanielBrooksLaurent
Looking West from McCall Point by gregliefmystic river p.2 by anesthtize
River by WhateverAngieBamboo forrest of Arashiyama by MColling
View from the Japanese Bridge in Monet's Garden by artamusica2014.05.12 Glienicke Regen II 09 by 999-8-666
The Bluebells by Kaz-DOn A Clear Day by jbrum
Bluebells by bongaloidBeech Woods by bongaloid
Wahclella Morning by LAlighta fairytale by jpoker86
twin falls gitgit by Katoman
Cala dello Scoglio by dfm63
Saski Park Warsaw infrared by buyniastyWave Attack by porbitalMirror's Edge by MichaelthienOverturn by CaveCanem42
The Milky Way Galaxy by danielcarneiroPoseidon's Horizon by Kandroid96
Deep inside the Wadi by AimishBoyBlue Morning by DWellsphotography
Bryce Canyon, Milky Way by alierturkCounting stars! by marshalbains

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Beautiful Dreamers Feature

Fri Apr 25, 2014, 4:31 PM
Shades by WillTCWings of melancholia by Julie-de-Waroquier
Skye Blue by ShadoiskDescend by FlabnBone
J U S T . B L U E by KrisseyThe storm catcher by iNeedChemicalX
Dream by KatharinaKueblerSupersonic by x---A-R-N-O---x
Autumn by Mary-Chan23Forgotten By Time by JustinDeRosa
IMG 8839m by DanielMyszkowskiRed land by Fra-Emer
. by Leona-SnowCore of the Earth by ChloeClik
Enchanted by ShadoiskRepetitions by thrumyeye
bunny by all17Red Squirrel by FreyaPhotos
snail - Evening Walk by SvitakovaEva
Sunbathing by Morgan-LouButterfly2 by RichardRobert
82.365 by PiecesOfAnsleyBridge Into Oasis by AtomicBrownie
Week Fifteen by uglybugDance of the bluebell by Muse1908
Where I Can Speak To Your Spirit by HitomiiWildflower by Mary-Chan23
-Song of the springstorm- by Janek-Sedlarshadow casting by Buntcone
Wisteria by CecilyAndreuArtworkSimple by FlabnBone
blooming ice by 01-11-89
The end of you too by deerArylide901 by Nigrita
Sirens waiting for their souls I by AvineAmazing Grace original by pendrym
Zen - Pebbles and the Morning Sun by 51ststatestreams by Richard-Cederfjard
Golden Eternity by solefieldTangled by Gingershots
Jokulsarlon Beach by porbitalSpring by clippercarrillo
Spring without you by RezzanATAKOLThe Glow of the East Shore of Lake Tahoe by sellsworth

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Forgotten Soul

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 10:07 PM
Currently wallowing in the pits of despair that comes with the continued realization that I'm lacking friends, people I can talk to about the things going on inside my mind. It's not they they aren't out there. There are plenty, I'm sure. But the problem is me. I don't want to get close to people, nor they to me. I want to keep everyone at a safe distance, while I live isolated completely. I wish I could say that I didn't know why I do these things, but I'm fairly certain that is not true. Granted, some people simply just cause revulsion within me, which is an acceptable reason to keep those types at a distance. But when its someone I greatly admire? I shy away from them even more. I minimize contact. Perhaps I simply don't want my illusions shattered. Or I don't want to fall short of their expectations or good graces. But who really cares about that? Would it crush me if I discovered I was disliked by others? Maybe not, I'm quite used to it after all. It is, of course, the quality of the person that matters. And if this person is held in high regard by me for whatever reason, their words or opinions would naturally carry greater weight. Am I just one so eager to attach myself slavishly to whatever prospect seems good? Can I not tell the difference between the two? Even if it is good, is this, too, not the abandonment of responsibility and the burden shouldered by someone else? Am I putting too much attachment to these people? They are only human after all. But that is the beauty of it, they seem to me to be an embodiment of perfection. That is why I admire them so. Because they are living proof of what I could become.

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Recognition, Success, and Fear

Thu Apr 10, 2014, 11:07 PM

Attempting to vocalize an ineffable thought.... The need for recognition is going to kill me. What is meant by that? A variety of things. For one thing, the annihilation of the independence of self, and possibly, of individuation itself. It begins to collapse when it can no longer sustain itself by its own means. However, the process can be slowed if some outside encouragement is offered which causes one to be able continue on no matter the enormous difficulty of the task. Why is that?  

All human beings receive recognition from the moment they are born, as they grow up and undergo a variety of changes which allows them to become what they are. This is inescapable, as it is part of coming into being. The reliance on such thing is a very terrible thing. So how do we avoid it? Can balance be maintained? Should advice and instruction always be acted upon? At what point does it become someone else's will? Perhaps it would be acceptable, nay, even noble, if the intentions were good and they can be. But what if they aren't?

How can we keep ourselves from going astray, but by knowing ourselves? And that is what stings the most. I know all this. Every second I act contrary to this, it feels worse and worse. Just when I stop to inwardly reflect on how far I've come, I realize that I haven't actually gone anywhere and the journey ahead keeps on continuing with no end in sight.

My quest towards the ideal isn't actualized yet, but it is the possibility that it could be—with work and effort in overcoming that which stands in the way which drives me. And what is that? Fear. Fear of what? Of being wrong and failing to meet expectations. Essentially, to not be what I wish or what I intend. The words clog in my throat, even when I know the answer, I am unable to speak because I'm afraid I'll be questioned further and further, trapped in a Socratic dialectic where speech fails me and my silence is reflective, representative of me.

But success cannot be attained unless the deed is done. The action itself is the only way triumph can be obtained. When one acts regardless of the outcome, that is what separates the two. The person who succeeds did so, knowing full well they could have failed and yet they did it despite the doubt. The person who fails the worse is the person who did not act at all, while the person who acted but failed merely needs more improvement... which cannot be acquired without experience.

Magic Feature IX

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 9:21 PM

Gaurdian of the Forest Realm by Deliquesce-Flux
Mushroom Bokeh. by ZaellrinGood Morning by SAMLIM
FREE Bokeh texture rain 1 by FrancescaDelfinoAncient Spirit by Samantha-meglioliFairies by LadyyLaRueSearching for the light by AnnOmar
wild things by SabrinaCichyStone Stairs by PajunenThe enchanted forest by TheKiller-Queen
S P R I N G . P O W E R by Krisseybluetit in cherry blossoms by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Sakura Arch by WindyLifeBrotherhood by UniteDABelieve by JustinDeRosa
the beauty and the soft by Shadows-in-TwilightWaiting For Little Red Riding Hood by BluyStardust
Tales From a Dream by John-Peter
Spring by vanillapearl
Tresures of Nature by WhiteBookSleeping Beauty by VLCPhoto
Oak Alley Plantation by cehavard90

Fashion Summer v.11 by Serrgeon
Summer blooms by lauriegirl48clouded mind by michellis13
shy by tasiy
Dreamland by ExplicitStudiosCascade Avenue - Partnach Gorge, Bavaria by davidrichterphotoTawny owl by phalalcrocorax...trakoscan castle VII... by roblfc1892
Peacock Queen by nikkiphoto46
Aurora Australis and clouds by jenne-j
Titans by InebriantiaMagic by LidiaVivesMagic Riwer by tomspec22
Shooting Star II by Questavia by Questavia
Call Of Atlantis by Vitaly-Sokol
Sea Light by jbrumentanglement by knold
Innsbruck Old Town archways 1 by wildplacesMidas Touch by Questaviamanifestations by locolandmyth of Sysyphus by locolandV0ltZz by Lanzie
Impact on the Shore by MarkLuceyColorfull by G-gaga

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